Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

  • Currently shipping is included with every purchase. 

Do you accept commissions?

  • I do take commissions of any size and medium. 

Can I custom order painting sizes?

  • You can custom a order to a variety of sizes, either on paper or a canvas.  Canvases max out at 4ftX7ft. Contact me for specific dimensions and prices.

What medium do you use?

  • All of my paintings are acrylic on watercolor paper , 98 pound (mix media), or 160 pound paper.  Currently I am experimenting with vintage crayon, pastels, and other mediums.

What size paintings are you currently painting?

  • A variety of sizes.

How can I purchase a painting?

  • Most of my paintings are for sale solely through my website and seasonal Boca Art pop up art shows in the Greensville, SC.

Do you reproduce paintings?

  • I am unable to reproduce paintings that I have already created; I want each painting to be unique and one of a kind.

Do you ship internationally?

  •  I can ship internationally with some stipulations. Please contact me before purchasing a painting if shipping will be international. The website does not offer international shipping as an option during check out at this time.

How can I be informed of new projects or upcoming available paintings?

  •  The best way to find out about my new work is to follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Links located below.  

For Media inquires, interviews, or collaboration's, please email me at